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[ # ] Car Rental
January 7th, 2009 under USA

After seeing San Francisco just partly (Alcatraz missing) we went to the Airport to rent a car. After several half-hour research we found a rental company (518.-). However, when we were at the counter of the rental company the price suddenly raised to 1400.-. Of course we were confused about the enormous price difference and asked. As it turned out people from overseas get much better offers but not at the counter, only online. Therefore, we went online at the airport and made a online reservation for the previous 518.-. So, keep in mind to rent cars online and never directly at the counter one can save a lot of money.

Now we were ready to explore California. We started by driving over the magnificent Golden Gate bridge in the north of San Francisco because our next destination was a home for redwoods; The Muir Woods. We navigated through the Marin Headlands, which is national park along the coast. The view one has from the coast is just breathtaking (see pics).

The best part of the day was the hostel in Point Reyes (another National Park close by). As you can imagine there aren’t many villages or even houses in a national park. Thus, we were astonished and suspicious that a hostel could be found in there. Being suspicious we drove about 20 miles through the woods of this national park. Nothing except nature. About 10 minutes before we arrived at the hostel we even considered turning back but then we finally arrived there. Two buildings, in fact small cottages, stood there in the middle of nowhere (see pics). It’s a good thing we didn’t go back because in my opinion this was the most beautiful and coziest hostel we could ever find.

Oh, to those who wonder where my pictures are; I cannot upload any pictures since I can only use public internet. Sorry about that.