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[ # ] Car Trouble
January 11th, 2009 under USA

After our enjoyable night in the rural and cozy hostel in the national park, we continued our trip in this park. Our goal was to pay a visit to the lighthouse there. Thus we drove further through this deserted place. Every now and then there was a tiny (very very very tiny) village. Since we hadn’t had any breakfast we decided to stop in such a village. There was just a grocery-store / gas-station, a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a couple of houses. We bought some tasty bread (yuck only toast…) and got back in the car. Start attempt … tock tock tock… nothing. Yep, we weren’t able to start the car. We thought that people in such remote places know how to fix cars but as you can imagine this is just a cliché. Eventually, we called AAA and waited for the towing truck for about 90 minutes which was an amazingly shot amount of time considering how remote this place was. Ohh, btw it was called Inverness. As it turned out the fuel pump of the car broke down. As a result, the car and the two of us had to be towed to the next car-rental station which was about 30 miles away. There we got a new car and on the road again we were. Oh, I forgot to tell about the sizes of the cars here. Well, we decided to rent the tiniest most compact car available. Still, the car was enormous considering it was the smallest one available. It had the size of a regular BMW. So much for global warming :P.
We had a nice talk with the driver. He gave us some hints on what to see in the vicinity of Novato (the place where we ended up). One of his hints was to see his home town Pentanluma which is supposed to be the chicken capital of the USA. We drove there but no chickens. Still, it was a pretty nice town to visit. The main street still looks like in the old times; The wild west.
As mentioned earlier, we planed to return to San Francisco to explore Alcatraz. Thus, we drove back there for the night.