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Victory of Linux over Windows 7
December 26th, 2009 under Linux. [ Comments: none ]

The last few days I was setting up my new desktop PC. Since I like playing some games once in a while, I decided I install Windows 7 next to my Arch Linux. Installing Linux went, as expected, without a hassle. Even my drawing tablet worked out of the box. Since I equipped my PC with an SSD for the root, I used regular hdd to store /tmp /var and /home. So I used more the 4 hard drives. All in all I have 6 drives, four drives are connected via a ATA-133 PCI card, one via SATA and last one via the motherboard’s ATA-133.

As I said, I had no troubles at all configuring Linux for using multiple hard drives. Now, Windows 7 on the other hand, is not even capable of detecting all my hard drives in the setup phase. Of my 6 hard drives only two were detected, all drives connected over the PCI card didn’t show. Unfortunately, Windows wasn’t even able to install the system onto all drives it detected. As it turns out Windows 7 can only access the harddrive that is chosen to be the first in boot order.

So much for Windows being simpler to install…