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[ # ] USA Diary – The Second
July 24th, 2010 under USA

After the last attempt of maintaining a holiday diary, which was not that successful, I give it another go.

Our trip started yesterday in Zurich Airport. We went into a bar for having a coffee for breakfast, and here I cannot resist quoting Jerry Seinfeld. We had two cappuccinos, which cost … wait for it … 12 bucks. “Do they know what the prices anywhere else in the world are…”. Even though this isn’t the first time I’m at Zurich Airport, I was still quite shocked.

Eventually, we boarded our plane as scheduled. We were planned to leave the gate at 11.55. The captain announced that we would arrive even 30 minutes early in Washington, Dullas. We figured: “Well that’s great this gives us more than enough time to catch our connecting flight to New Orleans.”

At around 11.50 AirBerlin Technicians walked through our plane. We didn’t think much about it. Then a minute or two later the captain announced that the AirBerlin guys found a tire on the plane that needs to be changed and this should take about 45 minutes.

Well, we already acquainted ourself with the idea of missing the connecting flight in D.C. since we only had 90 minutes planned to get through immigration. Now with all the delay we reckoned that we’re gonna miss our flight for sure.

But, after the 45 minutes we took off and shortly after got the first snack with the napkin below 😀 Quite ironic we figured.

However, we eventually were only about 10 minutes late and had enough (10 minutes to spare) time to catch the connecting flight. So, we ended up in New Orleans just as planned.