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[ # ] New Orleans
July 25th, 2010 under USA

First city on out list was New Orleans. Supposedly, the home of Jazz and Blues and the tragedy of the Katrina Hurricane. This is also what can be seen. Some parts of the city have plenty of charm due to the style of the buildings. Foremost the french quarter which is also the main tourist area (Most other places aren’t as nice because of the hurricane).

As can be seen in the pictures this quarter is amazingly beautiful. Unfortunately, this is almost it. Furthermore, the extremely historic Burbon Street only looks very charming. As soon as night dawns it turns into a mixture of Ballerman and Reeperbahn. Burbon Street was filled with mostly US tourists who “enjoy” the joy of drinking alcohol in public.

As for the music, this is rather amazing. Most bars feature live band from Country over R’n’B to Blues. Sadly for me as a Blues fan though, Blues is not as dominating genre. Still we found a bar which was great (music-wise at least).

Apart from the music there is of course the magnificent Mississippi with the famous steamboats. So we decided to see what it feels like to ride on the river. We joined a tour on one of these boats. Long story short… it was great. You have a beautiful view on the skyline of New Orleans and you don’t sweat as much (which is what you do about 90% of the time except you’re inside a store or restaurant) due to he breeze on the boat.

After one and a half day we had the feeling that we saw pretty much everything since we didn’t come here to get wasted at night. Therefore, we started traveling east the next day with a rental car. But more on that soon.