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August 1st, 2010 under USA

A part of the Everglades National Park is called the Ten Thousand Islands. You may guess why it is called that. In fact there are even more islands. According to our guide of a tour we took around these islands, there are between 11000 to 16000 island. The number varies because of the tides. Since the area of the everglades is extremely flat there are around 16000 island at low tide and only 11000 island during high tide.

On the tour we took, we saw a wide variety of wildlife. From dolphins to eagles.

According to our guide and brochures the everglades is also home to …

yes manatees. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any. What I learned tough was that there is a water way through the whole everglades that can be explored by kayak or canoe. After getting a first glimpse of the Everglades it was clear to me that doing this kayaking tour will be one of my next holidays. Supposedly,  it takes at least ten days to conquer the 99 mile waterway.

The nature in the Everglades changes very quickly. On the one hand there are the beautiful waterways with hundreds on islands and on the other hand to are the wet plains with all the alligators. A bit further east of the ten thousand island is the shark valley. Well it is barely a valley. Our guide told us that the elevation on each side is only a few inches. So it is clear that the view from the observation tower at the end of our tour looked something like this

The tower itself looks rather Myst-like.

Even though all guides told us that during summer there isn’t much wildlife, for me it seemed there is. We saw plenty of alligators and even an alligator nest that was guarded by the mother-gator.

Overall the Everglade National Park is probably the most beautiful wildlife sanctuary that I’ve seen in my life. The variety of the scenery as well as the variety of animals one can observe is simply marvelous.

I dare say that the Everglades is the ONE sight in Florida and should be on everybody’s “Places-I-Must-Visit”

Next up…The Florida Keys