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[ # ] To Key West
August 2nd, 2010 under USA

On our way to the Florida Keys, Key West especially, we figured we could drop by the Alligator Farm to see Alligators close up. Well we saw plenty of alligators, even baby-gators.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that the park is just a money-making-machine. The park is basically crammed up with alligators in a small ponds. The worst of all though was the “take-a-picture-with-you-and-an-alligator”. This was a dry pond with a single alligator whose mouth was locked up with a rope so that it cannot bite any visitor who wants a picture with it. Moreover, there was a tiny shack that was filled to the roof with very tiny terrariums. Each of which hold at least two snakes. I’m no expert but the view of all these snakes crammed i such a tiny place made me just feel sad for the animals.

Apart from the animals there was also an airboat ride. The part was fun. It’s amazing how fast these things go. But they’re not only fast but also extremely loud. It was absolutely necessary to put on ear protection.

After  the rather disappointing visit to the Alligator Farm we continued driving south. We were amazed by how close the Florida Keys are to Miami. It takes just about an hour to get the to first key, Key Largo (reminds me of the Largo Embargo) but to actually get out to Key West its another two hours. Let me just tell you this; it is worth the trip. Key West is exactly how I pictured it in my mind. Clear blue sky, clear blue water, gorgeous houses and of course long bridges.

After finally arriving in Key West, finding an absolutely lovely Motel we enjoyed another beautiful sunset.