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December 9th, 2006

Discontinued: Mylar was released shortly after I began with this project. Mylar has the same features and is much more sophisticated. Hence, I stoped working on this project.

The name stands for Software Content Management with Eclipse (hence the clipse suffix). Actually, it is a ticketing system with a time measuring possibility. In XP (eXteme Programming) software is developed in many small steps. Each step is a User-Story (a feature the software should have). The software engineers estimate how long each story will take. Here comes SCMclispe comes into play. The development team can use SCMclipse to manage the User-Stories and time estimations. Furthermore, it is also possible to evaluate the time estimations statistically, because during the coding process the time is measured for each task.


  • Simple Team Management
  • Ticketing System
  • Time Measuring For Each Ticket
  • Time Statistics


Still in first Interation (tests need to be written). First Release: ~ March