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ssat (simple server admin tool)
February 17th, 2008

ssat (simple server admin tool) is designed to execute scripts and other application on a server from a client over a network.


  • Remote Script Execution
  • PAM and intern Authentication
  • MD5 Login Encryption
  • RSA Traffic Encryption



In general everything is working except PAM Authentication.


  • Server:

ssat runs on Linux and BSD. rc and makefile scripts are available for both. On Linux run ‘make install’ ,on BSD run ‘make -f Makefile.bsd install’ to install ssat. For deinstallation run ‘make uninstall’, respectively ‘make -f Makefile.bsd uninstall’.

ssat.conf must be configured to run ssat as daemon.

For further information execute ‘ssat -h’

  • Client: Execute the following to start the client: python main.py


ssat main

main frame of the client

ssat setting

settings dialog of the client